end1 [end]
[ME & OE ende, akin to Ger ende, Goth andeis < IE * antyos, opposite, lying ahead < * anti-, opposite, facing (< base * ants, front, forehead) < OHG endi, forehead, Ger anti, L ante]
1. a limit or limiting part; point of beginning or stopping; boundary
2. the last part of anything; final point; finish; completion; conclusion [the end of the day]
a) a ceasing to exist; death or destruction
b) the cause or manner of this
4. the part at, toward, or near either of the extremities of anything; tip
a) an outer district or region [the west end of town]
b) a division, sector, area of responsibility, etc., as in an organization
6. what is desired or hoped for; object; purpose; intention
7. an outcome; result; upshot; consequence
8. a piece left over; fragment; remnant [odds and ends]
9. the reason for being; final cause
10. Football
a) a player at either end of the line
b) his position
[ME enden < OE endian]
1. to bring to an end; finish; stop; conclude
2. to be or form the end of
1. to come to an end; terminate: often with up
2. to die
at the end; final [end man, end product]
end for end
with the ends, or the position, reversed
ends of the earth
remote regions
end to end
in a line so that the ends touch or meet
in the end
finally; ultimately
keep one's end up
Informal to do one's share
make an end of
1. to finish; stop
2. to do away with
make both ends meet or make ends meet [ensis tā′shən] [as in Fr joindre les deux bouts]
to manage to keep one's expenses within one's income
no end
Informal extremely; very much or many
on end
1. in an upright position
2. without interruption [for days on end]
put an end to
1. to stop
2. to do away with
to end
that surpasses or exceeds [a trip to end all trips]
1. endorse
2. endorsement

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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